Recommended servers configuration for 20k and 100k users


What would be the ideal server specifications if we were to host Rocket Chat on-premise for
a) 20k users with 5k concurrency
b) 100k users with 25k concurrency

I’m looking for recommendations such as:

  1. Number of servers
  2. Server specs: Required RAM, Processor, Number of cores, disk space with Ubuntu as OS.
  3. Number of instances to run in each server

I’ve already looked into this link: which is for a maximum of 1000 users but I’m looking at a bigger volume so checking to see if anyone in the community has already deployed RocketChat with more number of end-users?

Hi Kailashnadh,

did you finally set up the solution of scenarios a and b?

How did it works?
Could you give me the recommendations about number of servers and server specs?


hi there, did you finally set up the solution of scenarios?