Send message inside room to the specific user


So basically I want to send a message to certain user inside some channel(room). What is the best way to accomplish this?


I believe this is possible to do a notify message


Thanks for reply.

Yes, but the problem with notify message is that I can’t send message with html tags. For example, <button click='someEvent()'>Do something</button>.


Correct. That is currently not possible.

In the future Rocket.Chat Apps will likely be able to do something like that.

Send a Message to the User then show a button they click to respond.


And how exactly can I do that? I need button to be visible only to specific user inside room.

If it is not currently possible then I would like to implement this new functionality. From what I understand it would be easier to implement this behavior as a message, not as notification. Am I correct?


Maybe describe the exact flow you want. Maybe then i’ll understand what you want to do. Right now i’m not sure I follow