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In other chats, like, we can find information searching in old chats; but in rocket there is no way, or at least, I can’t find how. Is this feature enabled? If so, how to make a search to look for inside old chats?

For example, in, if a client needs to recover some email address, I typed the email in the search box and the chat was prompted to read it. In rocket chat there is no search box

Server Setup Information

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Any additional Information

Are you admin or just a user?

There are various search options, but you can’t usually check emails via a general search. Stops harvesting!!

I’m the admin and also server manager

What I wrote was an example of what can do; but what are the other search options? I can see a lot of filters but no a free search box input

Assuming you have a latest version of Rocket…

Each Channel has search, but not for user emails for privacy. Look at the upper right corner for the magnifying glass.


There is also a global search. See Admin/Search. Note this can seriously impact performance.

As an admin you can view a users email address via their profile or through the Admin interface.

I believe as admin you can grant access to that view via Admin/Permissions

Hope that helps.

Each channel search is not what I want to do
A real search
A client needs to know when the promo for the product “Yeri fibra” started. How do I search that here?

I’m sorry but you didn’t make that clear…

I’m not sure there is a difference…

I think what you actually mean is “is there a search facility in omnichannel”

I’ll ask but it might be in EE not CE.

Thank you and sorry for the confusion

No worries!!

I am trying to check this out - I have a feeling that you can do this in EE, but not CE.

I’ll get back to you with more information as soon as I can - might be tomorrow though.