Search Function - Global Search, searching open teams, channels, discussions and threads for words and files

at the moment the search function in the webbrowsers or desktop-app (3.7.8) does not work, for example if you try to add a member to a team.

If this is fixed, it would be great if there could be a global search in the future.

We are implementing a rocket chat forum for engineers at the moment and if this will work, there will be a lot of content in many different channels etc.

So it would be very helpful, if a user would be able to search every open team, channel, discussion and thread for words and files.

And of cours like in every “global search” some filters would be nice :smiley:

This is no criticism only an idea for the future! We really appreciate the possibility to work with RocketChat and to get in contact with developers!
Kind regards


Thanks for your input. We really appreciate that!

We have a repository for storing and discussing feature requests, with a similar request: