Running a Self Hosted Jitsi Meet for RocketChat

Hey everyone.

I am currently trying to set up a self hosted jitsi meet server for use in my rocketchat server and I am running into some issues that have me a bit confused. My rocketchat server is running properly in a docker container using the docker compose method listed in the docs. I have a jitsi meet server successfully hosted as well. With the hostname set as my IP address I can access the jitsi service through the IP but if I set my external IP in rocketchat it cant connect. I have also tried setting the hostname to localhost ( and putting that in the rocketchat configuration but that doesnt work either. I am a bit confused with this and am not sure how to proceed.

I have also viewed this post that says it may not be possible to host the two services on the same machine but im not sure if this is up to date or if this information is correct or if I am interpreting it correctly. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to host them on the same machine and have them connect?
  2. Since it is containerized should I be using localhost to connect to the server or should I be connecting via the static public IP address?
  3. Is there any documentation I am missing for setting this up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I am not being very clear about information you need feel free to ask below as I may have forgotten something.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: newest release
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Deployment Method: Docker compose
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • MongoDB Version: 4.0
  • Proxy: No ssl or proxy currently configured
  • Firewalls involved: using UFW


If you are running everything in docker, and in the same stack (all services in the same docker-compose file) you will have to change Jitsi server to the name of this service.

So if you service named is jitsi, you will be able to access it from Rocket.Chat using http://jitsi:1234

For having both services on the same machine, you will need to rely on a reverse proxy for this, so when you ask for it will proxy the traffic to your docker container, and when hitting for, it will route the traffic to the appropriate container.

Bear in mind that hosting in sub path ( is no longer supported.

Let me know if this will clarify it for you :slight_smile:


Hey there, thanks for your reply that does make it clearer to me. I will have to get a domain and set up my proxy in that case. I do have a couple more questions.

In my current setup my jitsi meet server isnt running in a container. Is this necessary for the services to communicate? My final question would be just to verify. So if I was connecting via localhost my address I would be entering in rocketchat would be http://jitsi:myport or would I replace jitsi with the localhost ip?

thanks again for helping me with this. I will try setting up my proxy and see if that fixes my issue and get back to this.