RocketGov Hackathon 2022: join the challenge with us!

Join us in our RocketGov Hackathon!

Are you a seasoned developer, designer, coder, manager, translator, technical writer, user… or a newbie and want to learn and share while contributing back to an awesome open source project that is used by millions and millions of persons, companies and governments all around the globe?

Ok… guess what? We got you covered!


Join us in this amazing hackathon! All information you need is here

We will have 5 Challenges:

  • Challenge #1 – Apps development
  • Challenge #2 – Bot integrations
  • Challenge #3 – Omnichannel
  • Challenge #4 – System integration
  • Challenge #5 – Additional challenge

And, of course! A good challenge must have some prizes, right?

So… are you up for the challenge?
See you there!

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Hello, I am Shrikant, I was trying to set up my environment in order to participate in the hackathon. But I ran into a issue.

While I was trying to install ‘yarn’ it gave me the following error - The current Node version v12.22.9 does not satisfy the required version 14.19.3.

I tried installing the required node version, but nothing is working.

Please anyone help me with this issue

Suggested to use nvm to control your local node version or use the official docker