RocketChat App on iOS does not compress media when sharing from Photo Library

Hello to all,

I was wondering why this is the case: When I make a video of photo inside the Rocket Chat App and send it, it gets compressed. When I share a video from my iPhone Library with the Rocket Chat App, it does not get compressed and stays at the original size, which is very large. The same happens with videos.

Does anybody have the same issue? I wanted to ask it before posting any logs or version numbers.

Thanks in advance!

You should always report version numbers when posting issues as it helps triage & diagnosis.

OS version, Rocket version, deployment type, and app versions.

Clearly the app and mobile app work in different ways but I don’t know the details. We probably can find out.

Yes, I am sorry for not explaining more from the beginning. Thanks for your help.
Information on the Deployment: Self-Hosted, versions of the server see image:

On my iPhone: iOS 14.6, RocketChat App Version 4.17.24353.

The issue is, as explained above: When I share a picture or video by taking it from the Rocket.Chat App on my iPhone (by clicking on the + sign in a chat room, on the lower left), the media file (picture/video) gets compressed. That is what I want to keep bandwidth usage low.
On the other hand, when I share a media file (picture/video) from the iPhone Photos Galery App, by sharing it with the Rocket.Chat App, the media file does not get compressed. One single picture can easily comprise around 4mb - 5mb. Does anybody have a similar issue? Is the Rocket.Chat App on iOS capable of compressing media that is shared with the App (resp. trough the App) or do I have to enable this setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

So just to be clear.

Taking the photo directly in the Rocket app compresses the file.

Sending the file with + sends the file uncompressed.


Yes, exactly as you described! Is it supposed to be like this?

I don’t know, but I know someone who does :wink:

Let me ask the question - please be patient.

Thank you very much John! :slight_smile:


So the answer is if you take a photo with the app it knows it is a photo, and therefore compresses it.

But if you use the file browser it doesn’t know this (oddly) so treats them all as just ‘files’ and sends them uncompressed.

The devs know this is slightly odd and it is on the ToDo list. No, it won’t happen in a hurry, but it is on the radar.

Great to know. If it gets solved one day eventually, I will be thankful.

Thanks for your help!

Ha no worries.

At least you understand, and know it’s going to get a look in.

I have just taken a photo from the Android app and one directly with the smartphone. Likewise a video each. All photos and videos are the same size. It looks like the Android app doesn’t compress

Hmmm. I just spoke to the app dev and he is a little confounded as it should compress as before.

I just did a test. One video and one image each via the app, and the same video (10 seconds, same object) and the same image via the camera app. The two videos are the same size and the two pictures are the same size

As you have leaped on this thread you will need to give us some information about your server, app version etc as it may differ from the OP.

You are right,
Server: Rocketchat 3.15 on Ubuntu 20.04 Snap
Android App:
Server is self hostet

I’ll try doing some tests later to see.