Rocket.Chat setup on Digital Ocean without Onclick method


Hi community. I am not a developer so sorry if my question is stupid.

I am trying to install rocket chat on my DIgital Ocean Server. I saw that there is a one-click solution to install and looks quite easy .

However I DO already have a droplet in use for my website which I would like to use to set up the rocket chat app (instead of hire a new one)

Is there a guide or instruction paper which I can use to help me with the instalation in a droplet already in use?

I am using

Ubuntu LAMP on Ubuntu 20.04

2 vCPUs
4GB / 50GB Disk

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Welcome to our Community! :hugs:

I suggest you to deploy it using docker:

You will need to handle the reverse proxy and SSL accordingly to make it publicly available:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: