Looking for Help with Digital Ocean RC Droplet installation

I was able to successfully install Rocket.Chat on my Digital Ocean account. I can connect via ssh. But from here, I’m lost, and the docs at DO and RC are not helping.

I’ve got a domain that looks properly configured, minus the SSL (I’m ready to try installing that myself but docs say I need to know if I’m using Nginx or Apache, and it looks like neither exist, if that’s possible).

Anyway, I’m willing to pay a bit to someone who has experience getting RC running with a Digital Ocean Droplet…


Can you tell us how you have deployed Rocket?

Method, version etc.

I created a Droplet. My understanding is that the Droplet uses Docker.

1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk + 10 GB / SFO3 - Ubuntu 24.04 (LTS) x64

I am able to login to the site through ssh. I got as far as this:

I then tried to install a SSL Cert and was given a choice between Nginx and Apache, but it looks like neither of those are installed. Someone told me I should install Nginx myself.

I assumed that by installing a Rocket.Chat Droplet, the Ubuntu server would be prepared and configured for me.

If it’s not apparent, I’m in way over my head. But my non-profit organization can’t afford Rocket.Chat’s hosting prices (even after a discount).

I’m actually trying to install RC simultaneously on DO and AWS, to see which one might be successful.

My DO RC is using the domain menhealing.network, and the AWS RC is using menhealing.chat.

I am now working from this:

I’ve gotten as far as adding the .env file. So far, the only edits I’ve made to the example provided was to RELEASE and ROOT…

You need to do a lot more reading.

First, I have no idea how many users you intend to support but you will likely need more RAM.

At least 2Gb really.

DO setup. It does say:

Behind the scenes, Digital Ocean uses Docker to handle the deployment. See Deploy with Docker & Docker Compose to learn how to manage docker deployments.

So you need to read the docker deployment docs.

If you aren’t familiar running a server or docker, reverse proxies, SSL etc then you have quite a hill to climb. Snaps might be easier, but still need some knowledge.

Not impossible, but you need to do an awful lot of reading.

Yes, you might get someone to install Rocket, but who is then going to maintain & upgrade it? It can’t just be left, unless you want to get hacked…

So thinking it is cheaper to just pay for someone to install it may not be as cheap as you think.

Let us know the user count, and what sort of non profit.