Rocket chat server on MacOSX

It is possible install rocket chat server on MacOSX for edit the sources files and testing?


This is possible however, in order to put into production, you will need to build the server.

If you want to change something in Rocket.Chat, that are better ways then changing the code directly, which is not recommended, as you will have troubles to upgrade to latest versions down the road.

If it’s customization, we have a set of features to easily allow that.

If you want another functionality, you may consider using our App Engine (Rocket.Chat App - Rocket.Chat Developer)

Hi, is there a guide to install it on the MacOSX? How can i do it?

Hi! Unfortunately we doesn’t have this doc right now:

If you want to deploy for testing or production, you can use docker.

Hi, I ran the rocket chat server on MacOS without any problems as far as I recall. I guess i simply followed the linux documentation.

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