message moderation

Allow the option to enable moderated channels.

  • Moderation role can be assigned to one or many users
  • Moderators must approve all messages before they are published and become visible to other users
  • Moderators can edit messages before they are published - when a message has been edited, message should indicate that it has been edited
  • Moderators can delete messages
  • Moderators can kick users out of a channel

Would be a nice added option I agree.

Changing the messages before they are published would be nice because it’s would allow to add some external references in the text such as OS System like the text Ticket#12342 that could be changed to [OS 12342](http://OS_SERVER/ticket/12342)

Mattermost has just announced a ‘message intercept’ feature that could in principle support the kind of moderation flows I was originally talking about in this thread, plus other kinds of automated editing, enhancing or obscuring of message content. Some interesting use cases:

  • Intercept and pause entire message pending approval from moderator(s)
  • Auto-expansion / Auto-linking such as your example of creating URL from a ticket number
  • Auto-supression of ‘bad words’ - eg replacing swear words with ****, or replacing other kinds of content like cryptokeys, secret project names etc
  • Auto-confirmations / reminders - eg like Gmail can prompt users to attach a file when email body includes words like ‘attached’, could ask things like ‘that looks like a credit card number, do you really want to send it?’

Interesting. We definitely have the possibility to intercept messages coming soon via apps.

Wonder if maybe people could develop an app to allow more advanced moderation? Some of course might should be built in

+1 for this feature. It will be useful in some use-cases when the content needs to be strictly moderated so some information won’t be leaked in the channel.
Some guy posted a link from his branch where he tried to implement this but it’s not 100% done yet. Here is the link .

I made a Rocket.Chat App earlier that does Regex interception and replacements, perhaps it is of use?

It wont help in my use-case because regular expressions can easily be bypassed (example: test @
Also I would need to stop the personal information to be shared (first name, last name, phone number, etc.).
It might be helpful for the others though.