Request for changing Editing messages and PIN them

My request is as follow:
When creating a message in a channel and want to protect it to automatic delete, I need to PIN it.
This PIN procedure produce the same message under the original and create a mess in the view window.
If you edit the original message and PIN this again a second PIN message is created.

My Request for change is:
Make possible to PIN the orginal message without creating extra information.
For editing just UNPIN the message and PIN after finish.

The view stay clean and the original message is protected against automatic deleting


Hi! Thanks for this input.

Right now, our main focus is to improve stability and scalability of Rocket.Chat. So not a lot new features should be delivered for the next few months.

We have a Feature Requests repo,. Please, if possible, register your request there, so when the time comes, we can handle it accordingly.


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