Rocket.Chat Install Desktop link goes to Apple App Store for Brazil

I found an issue with the Rocket.Chat website that I wanted to bring to someone’s attention at Rocket.Chat.

Problem / Motivation

The English language link for installing the Rocket.Chat desktop app on Apple macOS takes me to the AppStore for Brazil where some buttons are not in English.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Visit the Rocket.Chat website install page Install
  2. Check that you are viewing the English language site
  3. Click the “Download mobile & desktop apps” tab
  4. Click on the tile for Apple “available on the App Store”

Actual Result

I am taken to the Apple App Store for Brazil where everything is written in Portuguese.

Expected Result

I would be taken to the Apple App Store for non-region specific apps where content is in English.

Hi @christopher.hopper and welcome to our community!

I notified our team so we change that!

Thanks for pointing that out!