How to upgrade rocket chat

Hi I run rocket chat in docker and can’t find a description how to upgrade the rocket chat server app?

Any hints?

Thanks in advance.

When I want to upgrade any docker (not just rocketchat) what I do is the following:

  • stop container (docker stop <name_or_id>)
  • delete container (docker rm <name_or_id>)
  • delete image (docker rmi <name_image>)
  • create container (implies to download image) (docker create <name_or_id>)
  • start container (docker start <name_or_id>)

Obviously, you need to have volumes for all the persistent information or you will lose all the data. But deleting the container won’t delete the volumes, which can be mounted back on the new created docker.

I have two docker containers. one for the server and one for the database. Is it enough to update the chat app?

are there files stored in the app container?

I use this docker compose yml … When I remove the container and create a new one I have the same version 1.2.6. not the current one. how to update with the yml?