Rocket.Chat 2.0.0 release

Release 2.0.0

This release includes a bunch of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and a few breaking changes, that we would like to call out here. To see a full list of everything included in this release, please check our releases page on GitHub.

Federation Beta

Federation was completely revamped. It now uses a chained event system to communicate with other servers.

This new version is incompatible with the previous one, it means that if you already have federated users or conversations, they’ll be frozen, you will not lose any messages or users, but they will be archived and unlinked with the other server.

After the upgrade, you’ll be able to add the users again, invite them to any room and keep the conversations using the new chained event system.

Support for MongoDB 3.2 removed and MongoDB 3.4 deprecated

MongoDB 3.2 has reached EOL by September 2018 (source so we decided to remove its official support to allow the product to use all the good things the MongoDB 3.4 added. If you have upgraded Rocket.Chat but still uses MongoDB 3.2, you can use the environment variable BYPASS_MONGO_VALIDATION to keep using it by your own risk. The following guide can help you upgrading your MongoDB instance to version 3.4

MongoDB 3.4 is now deprecated, it will reach EOL by January 2020 as its official support from Rocket.Chat. The following guide can help you upgrading your MongoDB instance to version 3.6

The supported MongoDB versions for each Rocket.Chat release is available on each release notes, found at GitHub Releases pages:

LiveChat widget

Starting from 1.0.0 Rocket.Chat release, we’ve been shipping a fresh new LiveChat widget along with the old one in a special URL. We’re now removing the old widget and keeping the new one as default.

GraphQL Beta removed

This version removes GraphQL support from Rocket.Chat. You’ll not be able to use it anymore. The GraphQL API was very incomplete and never got enough attraction from the community to keep it updated or get it completed.

Publications removed

Two publications not used anymore were completely removed: roomSubscriptionsByRole and usersInRole. This is part of our move to stop using Meteor publications, giving us more flexibility in the future.

Meteor package TAP:i18n replaced

The community drive package used for Rocket.Chat translation didn’t support 3-digit languages like bas-CM - Basa from Cameroon. Since we have translations for that language we decided to create a fork ( of it and do the needed changes, unfortunately, the original package doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore.