Resend Verification Email

RocketChat v4.7
Node v14.18.3
MongoDB 5.0.7 /wiredTiger

I have an issue where my RocketChat SMTP information had been cleared somehow. I reentered the info and email is flowing again. However, I have several user accounts that have not been verified. How can I force the resending of the verification email for those users since it never went out the first time?

hi @vmsman !

I was checking the codebase for this, and I believe that whenever a user tries to login with an unverified email, it will will resend this verification login:

Also, i presume that whenever you change the email, and it’s marked to verify that user, it will trigger this function too:

I see the code and I agree with your assessments. However, I have users who have not gotten the email. Is there something I can set in their profile to resend the email?