Release 3.15 not mentioned on Security fixes and updates


we updated our chat to 3.15 last Friday, I checked Security fixes and updates (Security fixes and updates - Rocket.Chat Docs) and Getting Support - Rocket.Chat Docs but found nothing about 3.15.

It seems that the download link latest was pointing to 3.15 on Friday. Now it points to 3.14.5.

Has the release 3.15 the security fixes included or is this a “insecure” version?


No there was a mistake when 3.14.5 was pushed as it was mistakenly set to latest.

This has now been fixed. See github issues or elsewhere here.

Note you should never use :latest on docker installs unless you are testing for precisely this reason.

Regarding the release notes they will get updated but you can always read this:

That will explain the fixes in 3.14.5 which were not security fixes.


Thanks, so 3.15 has no fixes, did I understand you correct?

Not at this time - please read the release notes.