Recovering from a crashed server

I installed a Rocket-Chat server on an Ubuntu 18.04 some time ago. I used snap for installation and made sure that I kept the version of Rocket-Chat up-to-date (3.7.4). For some other reasons, my server has crashed, and I have installed the operating system from scratch. In the process, I have copied the server’s root folder to a separate folder on another computer in the process.

My question is, can I recover messages and server settings from that copied folder and transfer them to my newly installed server? Is the situation hopeless, or is there a situation in your opinion? Thanks!


You really must get in the habit of regular backups - it will save you a lot of stress!!

I don’t know myself but I’ll try and find someone who might. Bear with me.

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not looking good amigo might need to write it off

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not looking good amigo might need to write it off


However as the data is inside the snap it means you need to get the snap running first.

Looks like they are stored in /var/lib/snapd

This will need a real forensics job to recover - not impossible but pretty tricky.

Just copying the files might not be enough.

Have you tried imaging to another drive and starting the server again?

Alternatively you need to get all the snap files off onto another machine and actually get your old snap instance running again.

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Unfortunately, OS in the folder does not work at all (system crash). So I cannot simply start the OS and backup.

I understand that I should forget about this recovery as it is pretty tricky.


Yes, this is not an easy job at all.

The key take out here for the future is please make sure you have good backups. And more than one - some on site, some off site.