How create DB & Chat History backup from snap installed chat server

Hi Team

I want to create a backup from snap installed chat server with chat history & DB but when i tried to get backup from snap that gives only already created users.
How to get that chat history & restore it on snap server.

Can you tell us what you tried?

I assume you’ve seen and followed:

Hi @aaron.ogle

Yes i did same as guide. but unable to get chat history backup and also already created private channels are showing error.

Make sure you stop the destination server when importing.

Other then that tip… without seeing what you’ve tried and steps taken. I can’t really help figure out why your missing data

These are steps i followed.

  1. I have created backup.
  2. then i’ll copied that backup file into other destination.
  3. backup file extracted from tar and find database name as parties.
  4. After that i’ll shutdown my server.
  5. Then i restored my backup into mongo db using this

sudo /snap/rocketchat-server/current/bin/mongorestore --db parties

replaced with my version.
6.Finally i restarted mongo , , caddy.