Rasa with rocket chat


I am trying to do Integration between rocket chat and Rasa chatbot, I think Rasa is not receiving any messages from live chat.

when I open http://localhost:3000/livechat and start a session, the bot types
Service Unavailable Message

what may cause the error!

the message Service Unavailable Message is sent when no response is received.

I figured it out, there is an error in the Rocket chat rasa app
it sends data that rasa couldn’t parse.
data that was sent by rasa app in rocket market >> single quotes

[{'recipient_id': 'default', 'text': 'Hey! How are you?'}]

using postman to check, this body was parsed successfully >> double quotes

    "sender": "WMXQiQaQkxeTNLa2G", 
    "message": "hi"

but this was failed >> single quotes

    'sender': 'WMXQiQaQkxeTNLa2G', 
    'message': 'hi'

I make a turnaround with python flask to receive it and send it back with double quotes, but this is not optimal at all


I am unable to send an Image back to the rasa app.