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Public member link

Question: Is there a way to share a public member link like telegram (eg Currently, if you’re logged in, you can see the link, but for first time guests it’s disabled.
Is there any way for me to use this link public like profile and click messaging.

Hi there!

the direct link you mentioned works fine even if the user is not logged in. After login, it gets redirected to the user direct message screen.

First time guests you mean unregistered users?

So your expected outcome would be:

  1. unregistered user access a direct link to a user
  2. the user will register, and only then is able to direct message?

If the outcome is to have unregistered users sending messages direct to a registered user, I don’t think this is possible.

Please, let us know about your scenario, so we can understand it better.


Take a look at my picture.
I want the public links, like the member list (figure 2) like the channel (figure 1), when they click on the member (or link), it will show the message click to message like figure 1.1 (same channel path)

As Duda said, you need to be registered to see an existing user. Otherwise you would get spammers trying every link.

I think the server has an anonymous mode where you can have an open channel which does not need registration but i have never tried it. Please read the docs and check the settings.