Proper dark theme

When will a proper dark theme be release for RC?

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I’ve seen mock-ups by our design team. It’s already came to mobile. So my guess is that won’t take too long. Not sure where it sits in priority. Keep an eye out on pull requests or release notes. :slight_smile:

Would be really nice if you didn’t keep messing with CSS though for those that have their own dark theme.

The new CSS changes with all these “rcx-15d2jc0 rcx-1dbs7j0 rcx-11es3r1 rcx-fgs76o rcx-1onz72p” classes is just nonsensical now, so much so, we’re looking to ditch it.

As to why RC needs to enforce whole system styles instead of per user is beyond me.

I like our dark mode, just don’t want to have to spend lots of time you make a change outside of your own inflexible colour settings.

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This one is tough. The whole UI is slowly being rewrote in react. If you run into things that become unthemable please open an issue. It’s not being removed intentionally just a lot of changes to things converting over to react

I get that but if you’re going to do that, make sure the options to change colours obey what is set.

For example, the “Threads” side bar does not follow the same colour scheme as all the other sidebars. Ignores the background colors set too.

We do like R/C but for this sole reason of forcing a system wide colour scheme as well as the system just not being clear (you have Colours, Old Colours, Old Colours (Minor) - i.e a mess). We also have people that work solely at night. With dark mode in most OSes, browsers and so on, it actually hurts the eyes to have so much white enforced on you.

It’s actually unhealthy. Plenty of new science on this.

This one works well:

Look smartass, you misunderstood but i can see why… I was siding with you siting evidence to support the release of an official dark mode.

Apologies my response specifically was just about the changing selectors.

Dark mode is something we very much understand and I think a large portion of us use dark mode for everything possible.

I know I do. So I’m with you in very much wanting a dark theme. It’s coming.


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