5.4.0 dark theme

Hello one and all.

With 5.4.0 experimental dark theme support has been added.

Can someone please tell me how to activate this?

cheers, t.

Legend has it… That if you open a certain menu accessible from main page of Rocket.Chat and use something similar to the Konami Code plus the letter “T” at the end something magical will be revealed.

Note this is Experimental and I believe it doesn’t persist between sessions yet.

We are well aware of some issues with it. Some areas don’t look good. We know. It’s provided as-is. So please don’t open issues on GitHub related to it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Maybe… instead of repeating the same key twice in a row, alternate keys :wink:


Thanks for finally tackling dark mode. Although I did not understand what you were trying to say.

I don’t know, either. What do we have to do to enable this?

Yeah, lol, with how long we have been waiting for this (years), it might have just been nice to add a little “beta” button, rather than to jump through hoops to enable feature.


Yoda once said:

In the open source code the answer is.

We’ll be disclosing this and a lot more in our next Open Call, December 21st!

Join us now!

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:joy: I get it. I’ve been wanting it since I started as well. :grin:

Long story short we don’t really want to even put a beta flag on it. Because we aren’t really looking for bugs or anything yet. We have components that need to be replaced to make it complete.

So we didn’t necessarily want to make it front and center. For those that read the release notes or are savy like those that end up finding this thread. We wanted a way for you to get to enjoy a little taste of it before we are fully finished.

So our dev team had a bit of fun with it and did something anyone that’s used a hidden feature has wanted to do and put it behind a cheat code until we are ready to gather general feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to scan through the PR to find the right sequence, but it was worth the effort. Looks great to me in a few minutes to browsing around.


If you give it a try on open this week it’ll probably look even a bit better now as the rewrite of the components is definitely progressing :slight_smile:

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Is there a ticket to follow that lists the missing elements until this is officially rolled out? Guess this is mature but waiting for the v6 milestone, which it is part of, to progress.

As soon as 6.0 RC is cut i’d say its fair game to open tickets. Until that point lets just assume the team knows of the gaps. We’ll definitely coordinate a task for gaps at that time

Just an update here: Rocket.Chat 6.0 will come with this feature exposed by default :slight_smile: