Problem with Zapier


I want to link Jotform with Rocket.Chat, it all went well the connection was successful on both sides. However when i got to the test part, it never sent the message. I tried sending it as a private message, private channel message, even public channel message but dind’t worked.

I deleted both connections on the Zapier settings, again dind’t worked. As a last test i deleted the default Zapier configuration in Rocket.Chat admin settings. Now i’m stuck and can’t connect again to Rocket.Chat. Anyone knows how to restore or configure Zapier in oauth apps?


Hi! Welcome to our forums!

Just to make sure, you have followed this documentation, right?

One thing here is that the user you are authorizing in Zapier using the OAUTH flow should also be in the same channel where you want to send messages to and must have the impersonate permissions, like it is stated on that doc.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: