Zapier-Rocket.Cloud Integration


Hi All,

I’m using the Rocket.Cloud service, and am trying to collect chat data on Google Sheets using Zapier. While the webhook works very well for public channels, I am unable to make the integration work for chat data in private channels.

Has anyone had this problem? What solutions have you found for it?

Thanks in advance!



Hi there,

I think is something to do with encryption, While everyone can read public channel just only the people invited can read the private channels. Therefore, to record the data from private channels you have to be the member of every private groups and set separate webhooks for each channel. I think you can try that. Let me know how did you get on with it.


Hey Laszlo, thanks for getting back to me.

That sounds like a reasonable option. What do you recommend I use for storing the data that is collected by the webhook? I have never created my own webhook before and am a little confused as to how it all works!



Hi there,

I recommend you to check out the free tutorials on Zapier website, they will guide you trough I haven’t created this kind of webhooks myself yet. But use the same method for the private channels what you used for the public one. Let me know how did you get on with it.

Good luck!