Priority feature for messages

In the course of Whatsup like message delivered/seen information @imadam had the idea of developing a feature that indicates the priority of a message.

I think before we open an issue about that, we should work out the details of how this should work. Here’s my first take on it:

  1. on editing a message, one would need a kind of possibility to select the priority of a message, for the sake of simplicity, we should define 1 to (ideally) 3 to max 5 priorities - making this configurable is not worth the effort, I think

  2. the selected priority would need to represented by some kind of color coding or labelling (I prefer the labelling)

  3. I think to make this feature REALLY powerfull, one should be able to select notification preferences based on message priority. otherwise there I see no real use for the whole thing

This means being able to select something like

  • do not notify me
  • except for messages of priority X and above
  1. set reasonable defaults for normal users