API user.info - unread messages and count of


Please add some more informations like:


for a specific user

Currently i have to iterate overall channels of the user and have to count all unread messages of the user.


Can you share the example for the same please…:slight_smile:
Because i didn’t found its examples any where in the documents as well as on the internet.


Please wait for this new API-key

To get the unread messages of a specific user is, at the moment, unusable and not good for the server


There’s no need at all to resort to using language like this.

Whilst I don’t have a issue with people using foul language at all, it’s definitely not appropriate for a feature request and the only thing it will accomplish is causing this to get ignored.

Please try and have a bit of respect for the people who work tirelessly on this project so that you can use it for $0


I’m sorry, but MY solution is dirty, also i won’t share it. And Because of the many api-requests it IS a problem for the server to handle these.
I do not insult RocketChat with this. I’m just asking for more user-informations and tried to tell jamirkhanpathan that it would be better to wait for this feature, instead of using my dirty code-snippet.


Hi MaqsYo / JSzaszvari

I think the better way is to wait till the developers make the new API on the same request. Thanks for your suggestions.

Jamirkhan Pathan


Hi Team,

Any update on this request?

Jamirkhan Pathan


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Come on guys! …
Please leave a reply so we know why you don’t like to invest time in this