Message Labeling?

I am not sure where to post this question, but I am wondering if its possible to add in a capability for a user to have a drop list when sending a message, to mark (visibly) the message with a selected category?

example… where the user types the message, in or near this area there is a drop list of pre-defined categories (admin has set or code this somewhere). Perhaps the categories are : Sev1, Sev2, Sev3, etc. or whatever you need the label to read. The actual text that would be added to the message would be some formatted text.

When the user enters a message and sends, the message is marked (maybe a text prefix in the message using the formatted text associated with the drop-list selection) with the selected category.

example Sev3 is selected… Message “This is my message” becomes : “Sev3 - This is my message” or similar.

The selected category would remain selected so that subsequent messages would not require the user to re-select a category, unless the user wanted the next message to use a different label.

Is this capability already available in RC?