Presence Service disabled in community edition

Just upgraded to 6.4.4 and now user presence is disabled.

Presence service cap The service is now disabled. You can’t reenable it again until there’s less than 200 active connections at the same time
Active connections 217/200

Yet we only have 53 users and only a fraction of those are actually online at the moment.

Where can I see these “active connections”?

The main workspace page shows this:
Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 1.07.55 PM

I don’t see anything like 217 connections there.

I also ran a mongodb query and got this:

rs01 [direct: primary] test> db.serverStatus().connections;
  current: 56,
  available: 51144,
  totalCreated: 70,
  active: 5,
  threaded: 56,
  exhaustIsMaster: 1,
  exhaustHello: 1,
  awaitingTopologyChanges: 5

After investigating this a bit more, I suspect that an “active connection” is any instance of the webserver connecting to rocketchat. This includes every visitor browsing our website since the livechat snippet creates a connection whether it’s used or not. To me this is absurd - if they are going to throttle features based on usage, at least base it on actual online users.

Of course, I’m only guess about this. Would be nice if a dev chimed in on the matter.

Thank you for reporting this. I am asking the team to investigate and reply here.

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