Please use .com domains for your cloud product for improved reliability


This request was originally created at Github #12367

We are having frequent resolution issues for the .chat domain from the smaller cities in India. This is especially more pronounced on mobile phones.

We have seen these issues happen with other non .com/org/net domains. A post-mortem of a similar issue is here -

I understand that the .chat domain may be something you are branding for . I’m only requesting you to have this available for the hosted SaaS product (cloud). This includes both web domain as well all internal API endpoints.

Also, we are concerned that you may be subject to DNS hijacking like it happened to recently. You can only purchase registry lock (NOT registrar lock) for the .com/org/net domains from Safenames or whatever. That is something we would request you to consider as a reliability thing. Only costs about 300$ per year.