Outgoing websocket messages are not delivered to client

Hi Team

We have setup rocketchat server with apache wesocket config and all incoming connections are working. The external sendmessages are failing to send to apache… looking for help… please find the log from send message method…

server.js:207 Meteor ➔ method readMessages -> userId: N9cjtSE5F43MyRaP6 , arguments: [ ‘21fe5bf4-c6d4-438e-b764-6098852998ec’ ]
server.js:207 Meteor ➔ method sendMessage -> userId: N9cjtSE5F43MyRaP6 , arguments: [ { _id: ‘qZ23NKsqFcmMWyam6’,
rid: ‘21fe5bf4-c6d4-438e-b764-6098852998ec’,
msg: ‘welcoem from sri’ } ]
server.js:207 Integrations ➔ Outgoing WebHook.debug Execute Trigger: sendMessage
server.js:207 Integrations ➔ Outgoing WebHook.debug Got the event arguments for the event: sendMessage { event: ‘sendMessage’,
{ _id: ‘qZ23NKsqFcmMWyam6’,

server.js:207 Integrations ➔ Outgoing WebHook.debug Starting search for triggers for the room:

server.js:207 Integrations ➔ Outgoing WebHook.debug Found 0 to iterate over and see if the match the event.

This kind of leads me to think maybe the script isn’t activated on this webhook?

We have setup websocket using Apache . the configuration has been set according to documtation

<Location /chat>
   Order allow,deny
   Allow from all

   RewriteEngine On
   RewriteCond %{HTTP:Upgrade} =websocket [NC]
   RewriteRule /var/www/(.*)           ws://localhost:3000/$1 [P,L]
   RewriteCond %{HTTP:Upgrade} !=websocket [NC]
   RewriteRule /var/www/(.*)           http://localhost:3000/$1 [P,L]

   ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:3000

On rocketchat do I need to add webhook in live chat --> wehook menu as well???

also rocket chat root_url set to domain name …

not sure if am missing any configuration

That looks right. If you open your network tab and refresh… are you seeing that its not connecting? Or what exactly are you seeing?