Outbound WhatsApp messages

Hi, this is Ahsan from Canadatel.net (business partner with Rocketchat). We have a customer in Pakistan and we have deployed rocketchat for their chat solution. They have a requirement with omni-channel that the agent wants to send some information to the client on WhatsApp (Let’s say an update on a request by the client) 3-4 days after the chat has been closed. Is there a way to initiate chat from the agent side? (Contacting an existing customer). Also we can create a contact manually but there seems to be no way to contact this person from the agent side.
Kindly help us in this regard.



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Hey Ahsan, I’d recommend looking into the template message feature provided by WhatsApp for this use case. You can pre-define some template messages on 360Dialog and send that template message via Rocket.Chat’s template API ( reference ). For your usecase, I think you’d need to use the API endpoint method. Do note: for using the endpoint you don’t need to have a contact created on RC. Once you send out the message & Whatsapp contact replies, the app will auto-create the contact for you.

Thank you so much Murtaza i really appreciate for your kind feed back its really helpful but here is my 2nd question when i close the chat as a agent after that i couldn’t be able to reopen that chat earlier i closed is there any option to reopen that chat and send update reply to the customer after day or some days

Hey Ahsan, Sorry but it’s not possible to re-open a closed chat once and that is by design. However if you wish to send a message to the WhatsApp user after the chat is closed, then you may use the template messages APIs which I mentioned earlier. For eg, if you wish to send an update to the customer about a support ticket, then you may create a new template message and send a message like “Hey, your ticket {{ticketNo}} has been resolved”. Now once the user replies to this message, a new chat will be created on RocketChat. Also, agents serving the new chat can still access the old chat from “contact history” panel