OTR-problems while testing Rocket.chat

I am testing OTR on my own rocket.chat-server and I have some problems:

  1. Often I can click on OTR in the actions-menu but then the “Start OTR session”-button is missing. This happens especially after an OTR-session was closed, and a new one shall be opened
  2. It happens that one side starts an OTR-session but the pop-up for accepting it doesn’t show up on the other side.
  3. When I have an OTR-session open and then send a message from the mobile client, the message won’t appear in the chat-window but only in the extended view beneath the user name. I would expect to see an unencrypted messge in the browser window

Am I doing something wrong or are those legit bugs?

And when you have an OTR-session open, leave your desk, write a message from the smartphone the other side will have it only in the extended view beneath the icon but no further notification. Thus you cannot let it run on the desktop with OTR because the other side won’t get your messages.

OTR is kinda broken in RC these days… at least there are several unfixed issues and the current implementation is not very convenient. But fret not. I see that there are current developments in the following PR:


… though I’m not sure whether this will implement the OTR property of the conversation.


Thanks. I doubt that this will be OTR but another way of E2E (offline-support doesn’t sound like OTR at all). I mainly need E2E, so that we have a way to send confidential information to each other which needs to be E2E-encrypted.

Ah, I see. The Signal-protocol seems to be used here (there is a commit called: " adding libsignal to eslint ignore, fixing other eslint errors")

J’utilise la version RC : 3.1.1 et je rencontre un souci avec OTR .
Il est bien activé par contre quand je veux lancer une conversation OTR j’ai ce message :
OTR est disponible uniquement lorsque les deux utilisateurs sont connectés

Sachant que les deux utilisateurs sont bien connectés .
Une idée SVP .