Does OTR/E2EE work for mobile apps? OTR does not work when I tried

OTR is working fine for desktop when testing it however for mobile if I start OTR sesssion on virtual android machine with rocketchat app running and start it on desktop as other participant the mobile never gets the OTR request and then just times out for the desktop request.

I know it said that they ‘may not work’ according to the docs. Does this mean they ‘do not work at all’ at the current stage?

I heard from another admin using a real phone they haven’t been able to make them work either.

As 99% of our users are using the mobile app this would be very useful to have working.

Is it also the same story for E2EE chats? If these worked and not OTR it would be ok. One or the other. I have not tested E2EE yet.

So just wondering what the ‘official’ statement is on this for mobile apps as there would be no point testing if they weren’t even working for anyone :).

Hi! Sorry for the late response.

OTR is not implemented for mobile, and I it is not on the roadmap for now, sorry.

Thanks for the reply. The same applies to mobile for E2EE as well?

As far as I know, only OTR was not implemented. E2EE should be working.

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Ok, in that case I will have a look again then, thanks.