Offline mode at a remote location?

Does work offline?

I travel to events and would like my team to be able to share files and chat over a local wifi network (or ethernet) without internet. I would have a router and APs.

For example: at a convention my graphics team share a lot of files and unfortunately 90% of the time we have to use thumb drives or portable HDDs to transfer files. It sucks.

Would like it to be a more advanced and further reaching AirDrop, if that makes sense.

I found this topic, but not sure if this is a feature or just a feature request:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anybody have an answer to this question?

A simpler way to say it would be does support P2P w/o internet?

You should be able to run it offline you would just need something to run as the server offline and self signed certificate for the mobile app.