Offline operation for in-flight, on cruise ship, or other isolated venues

Support server-less operation when a group of users are on an airplane flight, or on a cruise ship, or in other isolated venue, or other situations where there is no Internet connection to actual servers.

Operation can be accomplished via one of:
• a p2p Mesh styled connection
• election scheme for a micro-service (mini server) to be started and running on one of the clients
• other dynamic means of message synchronization

Server URL can act as grouping ID, or partitioning for a group of users.

Messages that are exchanged during the offline period can:
• be optionally sync’d back to the server once online

Support can be:
• for mobile device only
• OR for web client as well

Underlying hardware transport can be one or more:
• Works on wifi routers that may isolate each user from seeing one another
• Works with Bluetooth
• Works with Wifi Direct
• Works with isolated, non-Internet connected, routers (both wired and wireless)

This offline mode of operation may also be applicable for adaptive natural disaster usage.