Off-the-record conversation


I wanted to test OTR, both users are online, when users want to establish connection between them there is info

Please wait while OTR is being established

and there is no any confirmation that someone wants to use OTR, what and where should I configure to enable it or fix it?


Do u have SSL setup?
Mine would not work until after i setup SSL properlly.


I don’t use SSL, this is only my private server and it is not connected to the Internet.


Yes SSL is required. Otherwise what would the point be? Any sort of handshake could be intercepted and messages would not be securable.

It should however pop up and tell you that. We have a complete ovehaul in the works that hopefully will be merged before long


I don’t get any pop up, so I haven’t known that I should use SSL.


Agreed it should. I believe I opened an issue for this. But was decided since a new version was coming that it would be done on the new version.


I use 0.69.1, maybe in next version will better