No new features / settings PRs without proper documentation?

Hi folks,

I think it would make sense to not apply new feature / new settings option PRs unless they explicitly include documentation for the official documentation at

This came to my mind, when having a look at my Email/SMTP settings and discovering the “Pool” option. I couldn’t seem to find any documentation on this option here or below that. The according PR seems to be this and seems to have landed in 0.56.0 already.

It would improve the overall quality of documentation (it’s not really bad nowadays, but it definately has blind spots).

What do you think?


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I think this is definitely an area for improvement. Would be great to some how automate this a bit.

I know a few of our PR’s i’ve seen our guys detail the changes in a state that looks perfect for dropping into docs.

Like this one is a great example:

I wonder if at the least we should make sure new features are explained how to be used in the PR. Because then its easier to create documentation off of without having to dig in and figure out how it actually works.