Rocket Chat Website docs deleted or incomplete


Hello. I’m installing Rocket Chat for the first time, and I noticed that almost all of the data before the HR tags on the documentation pages are cut off / deleted.

if you look at the troubleshooting FAQ for where it discusses manually switching to /var/www/ and manually executing docker-compose up to test, you’ll see that what’s next is cutt off. This seems to happen everywhere there is an HR tag.

If I should create a github issue, let me know, I’ll do so. With that said, is there a PDF or alternate version of the docs? I’m having that particular issue and seem to need that info to move forward.



Thanks for opening this!

@martin.schoeler ideas on this?


This seems to have happened during the markdown lint fixes, I will create a pull request fixing that soon.


@blue.presley This should be fixed now


Thanks @martin.schoeler :hugs: