No audio notification for only one user on my server


I’m using Rocket.Chat client 2.14.6 and server version 0.68.3. The server is running on CentOS Linux 7 and my client is running on Windows 7. I have a single user for whom I never get the audio notification sent. I see the notification displayed down by the clock and I can click on that and it takes me to the client but I never hear the sound.

This is regardless of where I am logged in. The user has told me that he has not changed any settings from the default and I don’t know if a user could control whether another user can hear notifications from them could they?

I also have not changed any settings from the default on my client. I receive audio notifications from all other users. I only get audio notifications if the window is not the currently focused window.

I have looked through the settings in the client but I don’t even really know where to start with this. Please help!

EDIT: Futher testing has revealed that OTHER users receive audio notifications from him but I do not! I have verified that my notification preferences are set properly to receive the audio notifications.


So nobody has an idea why this might be happening or perhaps how to troubleshoot it?

Hi there,
I experience the same problem. I think this maybe related to migrating database or clone it. Did you find out out the problem?