My Account - Update Avatar missing


After upgrading to 0.65.1, I have found that update avatar in “My Account” is missing. Was this removed? Was it moved? Where did this feature go?

Update. I found that the setting under accounts had changed on upgrade from TRUE to FALSE for Allow users to edit profile. Re-enabling this has brought back the feature.


Not sure why, but it’s just missing:


Interesting… Was it on or off initially?


It was ON before the upgrade. Seems like after the upgrade it defaulted to OFF. We upgraded from 0.58->0.65.1


First i’m hearing of this happening. Sounds like a migration or something changed the value… but i’m not aware of any migration that would have touched that value.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this. If anyone else experiences this definitely let me know may have to move to a bug report.