Multiple Communities in separate instances on one server resource


I run 4 startups that has community structures at it’s base. Last year when I first created my Rocket Chat instances I wanted to do this, but could not actually get it done. 4 separate community instances running from one server 4 db’s, 4 apps, 4 nginx configs, but I had a problem in the way Rocket Chat configures itself. So I ran 4 servers for this.

I had lots of issues that developed over time, like after a restore you could not chat to past friends etc, that was confirmed in github, smtp that just stopped working, etc.

I want to rebuild ow, and want to get these 4 on one server. Any documentation out there that anyone know of that I missed, because I only find multiple instances to boost performance of one app, multiple orgs in one instance etc,

It would be like a service provider setup.

My communities are:

I just backed up what I could from my instances and destroyed the servers to rebuild.

Anyone know something about this. It should really come down to a something like running containers on different ports, … devops config.