Multiple agents managed by one interface


We created a new agent that will be used by several people at the same time, but we don’t want that these people disconnect from their agents. So we want to have the same chat interface for two different agents. Let me explain

I’m logged in, and below there is another server that is the same server but it’s logged as the Wildcard agent


What we did is to use a subdomain with a CNAME record to the real chat server CNAME

And we added the chat2 as a new server and logged in as Wildcard

Well, this seems to work; but when we log in there is a security issue, (obviously, we haven’t set a SSL yet for chat2) but we see that the attached files can’t be loaded

Is it because of the lack of the SSL?

Does anyone know a better way to achieve this process of managing two agents in the same interface?

Thank you in advance

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 4.4.2
  • NodeJS Version: 14.19.0
  • MongoDB Version: 5.0.6


This usually happens due to misconfigured site url (Admin > General > Site Url)

check browser console logs and requests when you click in “procesar de novo”, it will probably not be able to read the imagem from that domain.

Thank you, I noticed that there is the url of the chat that works; but I don’t know if I can add more than one in this input

Also I see this setting
Maybe it would cause the issue?