Moving out of snap


Hey guys just installed rocket chat with a snap ubuntu installation. Now i’ve seen that it seems there is no way that i can move the database from sda (250GB) to sdb (1TB) in a snap installation. Now my question is: Is there any way that i can dump my snap database and get it into a full mongodb installation where i’m able to move it to the bigger hard drive?

Searched the forum for my question but yet i’ve only found a throed from july where nobody replied to. Hope i can get some help here.


Workaround, but I assume you are in a virtual environment, can’t you just re-size sda ?


That’s the problem: I’m not :slight_smile:


Same question here. I use ubuntu 18.04.1 snap but I want to update it more frequently also for the snap version I couldn’t tell the to use filesystem for holding uploaded files so I configured it to use mongo. I guess it’s some Ubuntu bug.