Migrate Snap to Snap Installations


Hello again!

I just recently got my RocketChat server set up, but after it was running for about 24hrs, ti started using many more resources than I felt comfortable with it using on a shared instance, so I’m moving it!

I found this link: Transfer to Snap install from Manual but, it describes a method to transfer from a manual installation to a snap installation. I tried to run the mongo export/dump command and was told that:

“The program ‘mongodump’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
apt install mongodb-clients”

I currently have 0.62.2 installed but not running, and am looking to dump/backup and install/import everything on to the new installation on a different server instance. I used nginx, and plan to again, unless there is a convincing argument for using Caddy, and can provide any further info you might need for any assistance!



Edit: I am seeing in the FAQ here: FAQ that I might be able to just do a database backup restore? Is it that simple to migrate everything?

Edit 2: It looks like the backup instructions were enough that I don’t have to set everything back up from scratch. Thanks for the help anyway!


Looks like you got it!

Yes basically dump can be used on another machine to import.

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