Mongorestore Standalone to Docker

I’m having some troubles restoring my rocketchat database from a standalone (Ubuntu) instance over to a Docker instance.

The mongorestore works fine and it builds all the indexes, etc, but when I go to login it’s not using the data I restored but rather a “new default instance”.

I’m new to Docker so I have a feeling it’s related to something with the container.

Thanks to anyone who looks or can help. I’m a big fan of this most excellent software.

Make sure to use the right connection string. Something like: mongodb://server:27017/{name of database restored}

Thank you so much @aaron.ogle, that worked perfectly. I’m kind of embarrassed honestly but very happy to have it working now thanks to your help.

The example I was following used “db” for the name of the database and I “assumed” that the mongorestore command would magically make it all work :wink:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t. Glad you got it working!