Missing translations in www chat version after rocket upgrade

We use private installation of Rocket chat.
2-3 months ago after some upgrade of chat, all translatable labels got broken (we only see stuff like “Users_reacted_with” and it seems that all texts are like that).
First thought was that something got broken in that release and we just waited, but few other upgrades were done in between and it seems to not repair automatically :).

Problem is only on www version of chat. Apps on mobiles looks good.
I tried to set different language on my profile, but it doesn’t have any effect (nothing is translated to any language). I use Chrome, but on Firefox it looks the same.

Could you please help in finding what is causing this problem and how to solve it? If some logs/configuration/etc may be helpfull, please let me know (with some short hint where I can find it).

We have updated from 6.2.10 to 6.3.8 a few days ago and unfortunately have since then exactly the same behavior as reported by klew. Furthermore, the user interface is since then in English and not as configured (under settings) in German.

In many places on the user interface a placeholder is displayed instead of the correct name. Example see picture!

We changed the language setting from German to English (and back again), but we could not detect any change.

Browser client: broken (tested with FF & Edge)
Desktop App: broken
Android App: working

System: manual installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04 since RC version 3.x


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