Migration from K8s


our predecessor installed rocketchat on a kubernetes cluster via helm.

We would like to move the RocketChat server to an Ubunutu.

The installation is not a problem. However, we don’t know how to export the data from the Kubernetes installation and import it into the new instance?

Do you have any tips on how we can migrate the server?

Thx. Steve

You could use port-forwarding to dump the DB directly onto your Ubuntu machine.
kubectl port-forward svc/your-mongo 27017:27017
then for example if you are using docker, the command to dump it looks something like this (run this on your target machine)
docker run --rm --name mongodb -v $(pwd):/app --net="host" bitnami/mongodb:latest [MONGODUMP-COMMAND_HERE]
Make sure to check if the uploads in your rocket install are in this dump or if they are on a persistent disk attached to the rocket pod.
I hope this helps.

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