Messages are greyed out


Chat messages appear greyed out when trying to send new messages.

The only workaround I have found is to restart the server.

Do note that the rocket chat server runs in Azure as an app service while Mongo DB instance is in Atlas externally.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.15.0
  • Operating System: Ubuntu
  • Deployment Method: docker (Azure App service)
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog: (oplog Enabled)
  • NodeJS Version: v12.22.1
  • MongoDB Version: External MongoDB instance in Atlas (4.4.6)
  • Proxy:
  • Firewalls involved:

I would imagine that you have connection issues somewhere.

What do your logs tell you?

Hey John
Thanks for the reply.

Chat works perfectly fine most of the time. This happens only when the chat server was inactive for some days as per my observation. I’ll get you the logs once I face the issue again.

I was wondering if I have to enable any specific settings when mongoDB is external as this never occurred when running mongoDB along with the chat in the same machine.

it shouldn’t matter - localhost vs someotherhost - it can’t tell where they are!

However, the further away the more likely something gets in the way.

Greyed out messages are usually indicators of some sort of connectivity issue. You might want to try and monitor that.