Message read status not working(always blue-read) unless end user login and logout from app

Message read status always showing as Read(Blue tick) for all users unless end user login and logout from the app atleast once.

The read status is still buggy in 3.7.0 unfortunately. Messages which have the blue check are not shown as read by all users - when you check the read receipt details, some users are missing although I know all users have read them (as I was sitting next to them when testing).

Thanks for reply. If i login and logout message receiver account through browser/app(not by calling logout api) after that onwards working properly. Till that only its showing all as read. Check with logout functionality what you are setting. I guess this as clue to find out.

Also is there possibility to keep delivery status as well. Currently we had only 2 unread status true/false. Message delivered to end user and not seen yet means we need to keep that as well. Any idea?

In which file i need to work for status related issue? app.js is there but no idea how to update in db. Please guide